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Outpost Maxwell Forrest

In 2155, Starfleet Command commissioned a forward-deployed outpost to support the fleet. The station is named in honor of Admiral Maxwell Forrest, and is Earth's first deep space station. The Outpost is in the Delta Pyxidis system and orbits the inner waterworld, "Njord", and is sometimes referred to as simply "Forrest Outpost". The CO is Captain Michah Oliver.

About Us

Outpost Maxwell Forrest is an "Enterprise"-era SIM that is part of Starfleet: The First Era Role-Play/Simulation Group. "TFE" was the first "Enterprise"-era-only SIM Group on the web. We play by email, so that is all you need to join us. Please do take a look around the site and feel free to contact Forrest's command team with any queries you might have. We're always looking for creative writers to join our ranks.

Want to Read some Archived Logs?

Just click on "Database" at the left, then click on "Quick Reference Links", then "Public SIM Archives". These archived log entries go all the way back to the very beginning of the Outpost in 2005. Enjoy!

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